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Ic MC10EL16DR2

(Electronic markets Reuters) Recently, ASUS has the worlds first third-party chip-level service station settled in Chongqing Octopus. Chongqing, Southwest China and IC MC10EL16DR2 and even the maintenance of users no longer have to return the Shanghai ASUS board, wait a week or even longer time. It is understood that this is a Octopus from last September more than 20 dealers nationwide ASUS simple repair stations, again in the service level, a major upgrade. The Octopus newer entrants to the ASUS service station has become the worlds first third-party authorized service station. Previously, including mainland China, including Chongqing, the user experience ASUS chip-level failure, need to be returned to Shanghai at the Asus after-sales service. Octopus Zhou Yi, general manager of the view that this is the best proof of Octopus technical strength. ASUS easy maintenance in the last year became the station, the Octopus on the ASUS motherboard repair success rate of 80%, and ranked first in the country for several months. The station promoted to the chip level maintenance, repair success rate of ASUS motherboards are expected to reach 95% or even higher. Person said Wang Jun, director of ASUS products, ASUS motherboards now account for more than 30% of worldwide motherboard market, the market share. ASUS fact, the development of chip-level third-party repair stations very carefully. To get this authorization, need to meet as many as 70 ASUS acceptance requirements and inspection units are needed by engineers specialized training and examinations. Asus will be based on the current customer service capabilities in China to gradually open the authorization.

MC10EL16DR2 Suppliers

During the Spring Festival, a brand of computer stores in Guangzhou with the mobile phone explosion occurred, causing an explosion of the "culprit" directed at cell phone batteries. An interview with reporters in Wuhan found that the market exists to buy scrap batteries to be assembled after the workshop-based, workshop-style cottage enterprises for purchase by lower mobile phone of all ages. Cyberport Road, Hankou, a franchise Dazhi phone battery Xiong said, the battery market is currently very popular cottage, as a lot of brand mobile phones at the factory is equipped with a battery only, the majority of consumers due to their own needs to buy a battery backup, the original battery Most people choose the more expensive self-made batteries. Xiong said, most consumers will not pay attention to problems with the quality of mobile phone batteries, battery so take advantage of some of the cottage serious security risks. According to AQSIQ issued a notice last year showed the products quality sample pass rate of 89.9%. Insiders pointed out that the current market, many mobile phone battery manufacturers, such as the Scud, BYD, B & K, Desai and MC10EL16DR2 Suppliers and other brand battery business, but also buy scrap batteries to be assembled after the workshop-based, workshop-type enterprises offer more for Low by mobile phone firms favor, and even some brands of mobile phone companies will use two models in their product. It is understood that some of the interests of artisanal enterprises due to the lack of drive and safety awareness, resulting in the production of mobile phone batteries common quality defects. Yang, Wuhan dealers Scud batteries that effectively regulate the mobile phone battery market, the need for multilateral efforts to prevent safety hazards, especially to raise the consumers ability to identify. Shenzhen, a battery brand of a technical division to remind consumers to use as much as possible the original mobile phone batteries, original charger, found that the battery swollen, deformed, damaged should be immediately discontinued. In the process of buying cell phone batteries, cell phone batteries should pay attention to see whether the adoption of mandatory national testing standards. Mandatory testing in the country, the requirements of the battery need to go through external pressure, high temperature, charge, such as multiple testing, the general mobile phone battery charging qualified charging, even after a twenty days are not explode.

MC10EL16DR2 Price

500 Jin Xiang Xin Gu Xin Gu Jin Xiang energy-saving version of 500 energy-saving version of the power supply using the latest version of the standard design and MC10EL16DR2 Price and manufacture of INTELATX12V2.3 to support a variety of new platforms. Power supply rated at 400W, the maximum power of 500W. 5vsb output strengthened to 2.5A, 5V output up to 15A, more suitable for stand-start a new motherboard to the power supply needs to meet more and more hard disk drive power supply needs. Dual 12V1, 12V2 output current, respectively, the 17A, 14A, to meet the GTX260 / HD4870 needs.

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