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Ic MC10H115L

International Rectifier Corporation (International Rectifier, IR) for high-frequency and IC MC10H115L and high efficiency DC-DC applications, the introduction of 25V synchronous buck converter DirectFET MOSFET chipset for point of load (POL) converter designs , servers, high-end desktop and notebook computer applications. Intels Atom processor is designed for netbooks and mobile Internet devices, currently only single-core architecture. Intel spokesman said that currently only the Intel machine called the Internet (Nettop) before entry-level desktop computers using multi-core Atom processor.

MC10H115L Suppliers

Intels commitment, saying that the next generation of integrated chipsets will support DirectX10 standard and MC10H115L Suppliers and unified shader architecture Shadermodel4.0. It is reported that Intels new chipset is not only programmable, and is reprogrammable. Intel chipset product marketing director JoshNewman, "said Intels integrated graphics chipset is the first to support DirectX10 and unified shader architecture (SM4.0) of the integrated chip set can be re-programmed." When asked for more details Intel revealed that the reprogrammable architecture is designed to support DirectX10, and may in the future development of DirectX10 products. Intel confirmed its integration framework has been prepared for the DirectX10, Intel declined to disclose any details in advance, but we talk from Newman to get some kind of cue, the DirectX10-level integrated chipset is the plan most likely be released later this year, and G33 G35. Intel said that once released the field for the integration of a complete DX10 graphics solution the time is ripe, it will announce the details of the product application program. Although the multi-core processors in the server and the increasingly widespread use of PC, but the current Internet and smart phones and other mobile devices also rarely use multi-core processors.

MC10H115L Price

N2 mobile phone model little girls, as if a well-designed matchbox . The compact body, the phone's screen is also not great, but the display is quite satisfactory. This compact phone is equipped with a 200 million pixel camera, with a variety of shooting modes, and MC10H115L Price and entertainment is also very strong, support multiple audio and video playback. The N2 is currently priced at 1,599 yuan, or very reasonable, interested friends not to miss. He expects next years mobile Internet devices and ultra-portable PC will gradually adopt multi-core CPU, and other consumer products in 2012 and 2013 to achieve this transition. McGregor said that by 2013, 88% of mobile devices will use multi-core processors.

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