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"This innovative groove design improves significantly performance, making the Dow Electronic Materials for IC manufacturers to bring significant cost reductions. The novel design of the trench can be for most types of CMP polishing pads, with a variety of sizes and IC MC12015D and structures, designed for users of existing process technology and designed to achieve the optimal state of fluid dynamics. "Electronic Materials, Dow Greater China Semiconductor Technology and Southeast Asia, general manager of Dr. Chen Jiaping said. Based on the polishing pad surface or the wafer following the basic analysis of slurry flow, the technology can be started from the slurry supply points to reach the effective distribution of slurry, grinding the edge of the pad down to the lowest level of fluid loss, This is also the launch of Dow Electronic Materials slurry reduction groove technology, the main features.

MC12015D Suppliers

Zhang Weimin said, AVS decoder chip mobile phone market in June this year, the cost is not higher than H.264. "And can run 3G networks, 3G can reach 384K stream, but AVS has 230K on it." Audio and MC12015D Suppliers and video industry, League Secretary-General Zhang Weimin recent interview with reporters, said that as China with independent intellectual property of the second generation source coding standard AVS accelerating the industrialization process. AVS future goal is to HD, IPTV and mobile TV and AVS in these emerging markets is the focus of the current entry. Zhang Weimin explained, "For such a mature field of television, half-way into the hard, AVSs next target on the future of HD. AVS development must be aimed at emerging markets, only emerging to dominate the market in order to better promote the AVS the future. such as mobile TV and IPTV are the focus of AVS to enter. "In the field of mobile TV, Alliance has developed a variety of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) / AVS multimedia mobile receiving terminal products and mobile communication and Guangdong TV company to carry out experiments in cooperation provided by the latter to the League of DAB broadcast systems and organizations linked end to end system test. While continuing to deepen cooperation with the national radio and television related to promoting the development of CMMB, audio and video industry alliance has been added to the CMMB working group, relevant agencies and broadcasting R & D "CMMB + AVS" mobile TV system. This system not only for mobile phones, but also for other portable mobile devices. Zhang Weimin said, AVS decoder chip mobile phone market in June this year, the cost is not higher than H.264. "And can run 3G networks, 3G can reach 384K stream, but AVS has 230K on it." Mobile TV now only need to decode, as encoding chips, the other two standards are currently not as much demand.

MC12015D Price

Taipower K5 is not the only professional reading function, it can play HD video format 720P, 720P downloaded video within the majority can live, and MC12015D Price and in video, pictures and other content Taipower K5 intelligent function that automatically adjust the screen brightness to enhance the contrast curve, makes the picture more vivid and beautiful, from e-book mode.

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