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Ic MC1413DR2

y the radar antenna to the common goal of the radar signal to analog signal the generator. In this device, the use of "broadband mixer receivers, high-capacity high-speed digital RF memory" of programs to achieve the radar transmitter waveform capture and IC MC1413DR2 and storage. In accordance with the FIFO order after the playback of stored data delay, delay size determined according to the simulated target distance. Target speed analog transmission signal by the frequency of the radar Doppler shift for, receive and output channels, respectively, the radar transmitter signal and the echo signal amplitude produced conditioning.

MC1413DR2 Suppliers

adar Calibrator desktop standard rackmount design, taking into account the instrument reliability, scalability and MC1413DR2 Suppliers and ease of operation, the instrument is classified into vibration module, up and down mixing module, IF signal processing module, radar target simulation module, IQ mixer module, CPCI master platform part of the platform consists of one master control module, motherboard, keyboard, LCD monitor, communication interface, system power structure, are used relatively independent of other parts of the modular design. The modules are inserted behind the machine from the instrument, access to power through the board and complete the data exchange.

MC1413DR2 Price

omplete development of the radar range calibrator store digital radio and MC1413DR2 Price and broadband microwave IQ modulation, the small band synthetic local oscillator, microwave switch filter and other new technology, coherent radar target echo signal simulation. Mainly used for periodic calibration of radar, radar target detection function after repair and calibration tests, and testing of radar research and production, has some versatility.

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