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Ic MC14489BP

ADLINK Technology (Adlink Technology) recently released a new product USB-3488A, through the USB interface and IC MC14489BP and the convenience of Plug and Play feature, any connected USB-3488A instruments can be automatically detected and identified, combined with the use of notebook computers, providing use of portable software development for R & D and test engineers to use, very convenient.

MC14489BP Suppliers

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) announced on Monday afternoon, the data show that global semiconductor sales in November was 231 million, compared with 2.3% over the same period in 2006 than in November rose 0.7%. The year 2007, global semiconductor sales reached 231 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of more than 2.8% in 2006. Main Xi Qiao Zhi Si Ke Li Si SIA, said rising energy prices and MC14489BP Suppliers and the economic crisis, in this holiday shopping season did not affect the pursuit of consumer electronic products.

MC14489BP Price

Competition Organizing Committee, China Association of Lighting chairman Mr. Chen Yansheng, said: "LED as a new source of innovation in the 21st century, are rapidly entering the field of lighting and MC14489BP Price and energy efficient features in its popular environmental concern and support all walks of life. China LED Zhizaotaiguo from big countries advance to innovation, talent is the key. the purpose of this competition is to bring LED lighting into the schools, bring students around Qu and, through competition found that training in this highly specialized field of high-quality sense of innovation talent ."

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