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Ic MC145000P

return to the process equipment manufacturers see the development of Taiwans current situation begin with the more mature crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturing process, a total of 4 main stage into silicon raw material (Silicon), silicon (Wafer), solar cells (Cell) and IC MC145000P and module (Module). Cell section of major development plant process equipment, the first silicon wafer after picking machine selection, testing and cleaning (IncomingWaferInspection), followed by surface roughening process (Texturing) to reduce the suns reflection, and then after a diffusion furnace (Diffusion) in the p type of substrate, forming a thin layer of n-type semiconductor, by etching (etching) to remove the edge of the n-type to highlight the structure of the pn diode, then through the plasma coating (SiN-coating), metal coating (Metallization ), etc. printed on the wafer conductive electrode, and then by sintering furnace (FiringFurnace) drying, and finally the battery testing and grading (TestingandSorting).

MC145000P Suppliers

GE Plastics Valox ENH resin latest comparative tracking index (CTI: short circuit or overheating occurs when the behavior) is 325 volts, and MC145000P Suppliers and compared , the standard glass-filled PBT is 200 volts. GE materials GWIT (glow wire ignition temperature) performance (by measuring the thermal effects of electrical equipment failure to determine the materials ignition temperature) than the same standard PBT. Valox ENH resin under GWIT 3mm to 775C, the standard glass-filled PBT grades GWIT to 700C.

MC145000P Price

Pioneer Blu-ray hits the shelves in the Pioneer optical storage distributor in China Ying million Blu-ray machine information held in the national trial activities, collecting all over the country interested in the Blu-ray burner, "Hyun blue family." A total of ten lucky for free the first to experience a one-month Blu-ray Pioneer BDR-101 trial. Those who use the trial period, billion Ying IT company also provides a trial burn Blu-ray discs and MC145000P Price and some guidance to the trial, so users can complete each trial to experience the next generation Blu-ray technology offers a new scientific and technological experience.

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