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Ic MC145152FN2

Currently, the global polysilicon production mainly in the United States, Japan, Germany, 8 large companies, these foreign giants are often dependent polysilicon world-class chemical group, which has a mature technology, mass production experience and IC MC145152FN2 and first-class professionals, and their production construction period is two years, full of production requires four to five years, but Chinese companies to see if they can support within 2 years from the hundreds of millions of funds into the polysilicon project, also need to take time. At least until 2010 to see production results. During this time, according to CLSA Asia analysis predicts the average global solar power industry pre-tax profit margin of about 25% to 20% in pre-tax profit margin of polysilicon materials is about 50% to 35%, much higher on the back of the wafers, cells and the formation of pre-tax profit margin areas such as middle and lower reaches. According to the German newspaper "Die Welt" on Tuesday reported that Siemens is to the goal of restructuring the business sector in several countries combined. For example, Siemens will Austria, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic together form a business in Eastern Europe Division.

MC145152FN2 Suppliers

Chinas policy of stimulating domestic demand through a series of, in particular, a series of policies issued in 2009, creating a huge integrated market, and MC145152FN2 Suppliers and the face of this induced persons cake, but our local IC manufacturers do not enjoy good fortune. In Chinas IC market in the same dominant foreign firms, Chinas IC market has not changed the basic pattern of competition is still dominated by foreign manufacturers, CPU Intel and the protagonist is still AMD, memory, are Samsung, Hynix , Toshiba, Qimonda, and Micron and other competition, Analog Devices is TI, ST, Infineon and NXP, etc., leading other major products, almost all foreign manufacturers. separate test equipment according to the specific needs of our customers flexible configuration, to achieve a flexible production line with the test, can effectively solve production line test stations of the "bottleneck effect" issues and re-configuration problems.

MC145152FN2 Price

addition, some manufacturers The main focus will be on how to reduce the High-k layer of SiO2 interface layer below (IL) of thickness, the goal is to High-k dielectric equivalent oxide thickness of 10 to bring such interfaces when Egypt thickness reduced to about 5 Egypt. Sematech High-k company executives PaulKirsch research projects, said: "The industry is now considering more ways to further optimize the main HfO2 materials, rather than spend another five years to develop a new The High-k materials. Time requirements from the development and MC145152FN2 Price and effectiveness of requirements to consider, the most interesting idea is to consider how to eliminate the interfacial SiO2 layer and improve the High-K dielectric constant insulating layer. " increasingly heavy production costs and saturation of the market capacity as double-edged sword, increasing the pressure on the survival of firms, the industry increasingly competitive, the market criteria for surviv

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