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Ic MC145412P

The report, entitled" Strategic business risk 2008 - 10 global companies face big risk, "the report put forward 12 areas of the worlds most important commercial in the 10 global risks, and IC MC145412P and the next three to five years, companies have a significant impact on the five fastest-growing threats.

MC145412P Suppliers

(Electronic markets Reuters) PC chip customers adjust inventories TSMC, UMC, suppressed PC performance IC design industry-related stocks continued regulation, coupled with economic uncertainty for the fourth quarter of psychological, as well as underperforming the broader market, 20 sweep ex interest TSMC (2330), but the late strive, to whistle was up to close at 0.1 yuan; and MC145412P Suppliers and UMC (2303) are subject to MediaTek (2454) DVD-RW and weaker demand for mobile phone chips, foreign legal persons fear of the third quarter of scaling back the amount of investment and film concern, the stock prices are weak, the market worry that fear of foundry capacity utilization decline since the fourth quarter. 20, TSMC, UMC volume on the red to 90000 and 67000, showed that despite the economy of foreign investors in the foundry conservative, but there are many buying intervention relative to undertake, TSMC also create a volume Since the high season. In fact, TSMC is expected PC chip market, customer inventory adjustment will continue for some time feared, stocks of finished going to, to be picked up end-consumer demand, TSMC has also admitted that end market demand in the second quarter does not appear as expected But consumer electronics such as game consoles, digital television and set-top boxes in the second quarter demand remains good. Currently part of the institutional foundry capacity utilization is expected to reach the high point in the third quarter, fourth quarter has passed since the peak demand season, plus carve out new products, capacity utilization will begin to decline, in particular, UMC, since MediaTek single quarter growth revised down from 18% to 11% and, together with orders for UMC wafer volume conservative. MediaTek chips for cell phones and DVD-RW needs are not as expected, and inventory digestion progress slow, let UMC is associated Jia-jun 2 large IC design pillars of the MediaTek, Novatek (3034) by market forces and swept into the typhoon tail stock price performance has been affected.

MC145412P Price

SYNPLICITY and MC145412P Price and LATTICE further strengthen cooperation, jointly launched recently for the design of highly optimized DSP non-proprietary ESL synthesis flow technology Synplify DSP. Synplicitys Synplify ? DSP software now supports LatticeECP2M ? and LatticeXP2 ? field programmable gate array (FPGA) devices to the aerospace, wireless, telecommunications and digital multimedia applications the implementation of DSP algorithms to provide a powerful solution. According to IC Insights, according to the second quarter sales, IC manufacturers, including sales climbed Hynix Semiconductor, MediaTek and TSMC. The decline in ranking companies, including AMD, Freescale and Fujitsu.

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