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PHS's SMS interoperability will be an important step in the work of the year. Recently, the reporter learned from the Guangdong Telecom, China Telecom is in the final test, is expected to achieve before the end of this year's 21 provinces of China Telecom's PHS SMS interoperability. SMS

MC14543BCL Suppliers

"the price dropped to a certain extent, the analog TV is likely to be the same as the Bluetooth mobile phone standard. Because even if only a few units received, the signal is not good, consumers will not be too concerned about, when is a free add-on feature, because viewing is free. "RDA (RDA), president of Road to wear to protect the family. However, he pointed out that the standard analog mobile TV to become another important determinant of technology can not support the antenna to the built-in antenna. "Analog TVs telescopic antenna is now affecting the appearance of mobile phones, integrators are not very much. If can develop a built-in antenna, analog TV to become the possibility of very large mobile phone standard." He analyzed, "the industry is in this area efforts, I believe next year there will be results ." In addition, the Haier "Bo Luda" to television and MC14543BCL Suppliers and CD functions, while waiting for customers in the parking is provided for consumers a wealth of entertainment content.

MC14543BCL Price

Recently, the good news came from the market, well-known manufacturers of digital feedback Huaqi Summer truth the majority of users, from MP3 to mobile storage, various promotional activities were launched to popularize high-end brand name products, leading a new a new concept of market consumption.

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