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Ic MC145442P

DS1000A series digital oscilloscopes is the launch of the first domestic RIGOL sampling rate 2GSa / s, equivalent sampling rate 50GSa / s, bandwidth of 300MHz digital oscilloscope products . It can ensure the effective capture transient signals in real time, while observing the subtle details of repeated signal; up to 2000 waveforms per second waveform capture rate can quickly capture the fleeting signals and IC MC145442P and abnormal events, waveform capture capability to improve and speed up circuit debugging process; rich trigger modes: Edge, Video, Pulse Width, Slope, Alternate; with 64K color TFT color LCD display, the new compact design can greatly reduce the size of the desktop footprint; storage depth: 10K sampling points (Single Channel), 5K sampling points (dual channel); Adjustable trigger sensitivity: by setting the sensitivity control signal may be superimposed on the noise on the trigger threshold to prevent false triggering; integrated USB Host, to support U disk storage, USB printer and direct system upgrade.

MC145442P Suppliers

Beijing Rigol Technology Limited (RIGOL) is a manufacturer of digital oscilloscopes, function / arbitrary waveform generator, digital multimeter, virtual instruments, and MC145442P Suppliers and other general test and measurement equipment manufacturers. Products widely used in manufacturing, industrial control, radio, television, network telecommunications, medical monitoring, defense and armaments research and teaching and other fields.

MC145442P Price

field of the old test and MC145442P Price and measurement Tektronix crack on display in this exhibition of digital phosphor oscilloscopes, arbitrary waveform / function generator and a series of products. 4000 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes DPO4000 Series and the MSO4000 series include. The bandwidth of this product range is 350MHz to 1GHz, can be implemented on all channels up to 5GS / s sampling rate and sample 10M record length, the maximum waveform capture rate of 35,000 waveforms per second. Wave Inspector controls waveform analysis provides outstanding efficiency. Which, DPO4000 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes (DPO) was the first to provide all channels available in deep storage, outstanding performance, serial trigger and analysis options and similar appearance of the most compact oscilloscope. MSO4000 Series mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) in addition to providing all the features and benefits DPO4000, also increased the 16 integrated digital channels, you can view in a single instrument and associated analog and digital signals. This integrated capability to trigger capabilities to all 20 channels, for debugging mixed analog and digital design provides the ideal pattern and state triggering the trigger.

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