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Ic MC145572PB

Renesas Technology Corp. President & CEO of Ito held in Beijing in 2008, Renesas forum, said China is a developing market, we should actively grasp and IC MC145572PB and respond to the direction of market development in China, grasp the new trends in the Chinese market, with the Chinese government departments, enterprises carry out effective cooperation. "Chinas market will be drawing the worlds semiconductor industry, so we put a lot of the Chinese energy market. Not only is the market development, our design and development and production, it is also more confident."

MC145572PB Suppliers

However, if on behalf of the industry are not large enough number of orders, will face the same dilemma. Now, at least in 2008 the investment in the general decline in global OEM, such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company in 2007 was 2.6 billion U.S. dollars investment, and MC145572PB Suppliers and in 2008 dropped to 1.8 billion, down 30% rate, and the next 5 years The proportion of capital expenditure as a share of revenue will decline further. So the industry has predicted that "global foundry has been behind Moores Law." Although this is only short-term action, the future development is still unpredictable. However, the law of value is to promote changes in the global industrial chain, the root cause.

MC145572PB Price

Global DRAM plant spend a lot of investment in 70 nanometer process, but because DRAM prices fell much faster than DRAM process technology, the cost arising from the rate of decline, the 70 nanometer process as DRAM industry ever short-lived technology. Most often a process technology used for 2 years, some 3 years, the 70 nm process technology uses only 1 year, fear was ever DRAM industry is not worth investment. Taiwans Powerchip 07 of them since the second quarter into 70 nanometer process, will be in the 08-year investment in the second quarter of next-generation 65-nanometer process technology. Samsung in 2007 Q2 (second quarter) into 68 nanometer process, while 08 will be transferred to 58-nanometer manufacturing process; Hynix in 2007, 66 nanometer process used to import when Q2 08 54-nanometer process.

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