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Ic MC3302D

FlexRay technology for the first time With the new model car in 2007 in the application of high-speed communications networks are redefining automotive safety and IC MC3302D and performance. To help promote the development of next-generation vehicle network architectures, Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL, FSL.B) has expanded its 16-bit automotive microcontroller (MCU) series, the new products using the FlexRay technology and flash memory extended to 512K.

MC3302D Suppliers

SiGe Semiconductor is expected, the European Galileo satellite navigation network (Galileo) will give rise to a fast-growing OEM market. Adams started the company in recent samples of the receiver to deliver SE4120L, said it was the first to support both the U.S. GPS network and MC3302D Suppliers and the European Space Agencys Galileo system single-chip devices. SiGe Semiconductor vice president of marketing JohnBrewer said Europe and the United States have been quarreling about the end of the Galileo system, it is believed by Galileo as the sideband (sideband) signal is certainly not with the GPS system, interference occurs, in fact two Satellite navigation systems are complementary than competitive. Galileo used in the three orbital planes of 30 satellites, as with the GPS signal in the L1 frequency band. The system in October last year launched its first experimental satellite, in order to ensure that the system can run in 2008, the European Commission pledged about 43 billion dollars in spending, while the funds into the public funds and private investment. SiGe Semiconductor, Inc. to use its chips in the SE4100L and SE4110L (for GPS systems) expertise to develop SE4120L receiver. The receivers IF filter using software defined radio (SDR) technology. The chip signal to noise ratio of high-quality processing in order to signal to minimize the risk of over-sampling. Brewer said that as the SiGe company expects double in the next few years, this network can be used in the receiver to the phone from your laptop, MP3 player or even a watch, the host processor loads and minimize power consumption to off important. SE4120L the filter can be adjusted to match the GPS signal and 4.4MHz 2.2MHz Galileo signals with multi-bit serial I / Q output. It has on-chip high-gain low noise amplifier (LNA) can 1.6dB low noise to provide 18dB of gain. The entire RF system noise is about 2.5dB. In the range of 2.7 to 3.3V supply, the operating current is less than 10mA. In addition, the chip also integrates a linear automatic gain control (AGC), analog, phase-locked loop (PLL) synthesizer and image reject mixer.

MC3302D Price

S12XF series with four highly integrated MCU, to provide different memory configurations, and MC3302D Price and uses high-performance Fei Si Ka Er Ti XGATE coprocessor. The series also offers a variety of packaging options, from the 112-pin low-profile quad flat package (LQFP) device to 10 mm x 10 mm 64-pin LQFP, which is currently the smallest of the FlexRay controller.

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