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Ic MC33078DR2

Orville Consulting Research Director Zhao Maojun predicted LCD TVs in 2011 the total domestic sales volume will reach 38 million units or more, an increase of 14%, the growth rate is a rational down, product prices will further decline due to technological advances, but because the LED-backlit LCD TV and IC MC33078DR2 and the proportion of 3D TV sales increase, the overall market average price rising signs may occur.

MC33078DR2 Suppliers

markets for the next year, the overall trend appears, left Aviva said: "This year the TV industry should be the beginning of an adjustment period. in previous years due to popularity of home appliances under the LCD Township, trade-promotion policies, to the enterprise of a dividend period. The LED can not bring the whole industry as the LCD as an upgrade, coupled with the policy of stimulating domestic demand also began to decay, and MC33078DR2 Suppliers and now the whole industry should be a down to adjust the phase of this, domestic brands will be shown even more clearly, so the TV business performance this year appears the phenomenon of collective decline. This phenomenon will continue and intensify in the coming years ."

MC33078DR2 Price

New Electric for seven days left, CEO Aviva also expressed the same view,: "3D will be next year after a new bright spot, with the second half of this year warm, next year there will be a large amount of improvement may also bring a new round of plasma growth. However, due to limited sources of 3D content, there will be a slow and MC33078DR2 Price and lags behind the market, not the same as the LCD, once with to dividends ."

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