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Ic MC33171

Freescales Multimedia Applications Division vice president and IC MC33171 and general manager Bernd Lienhard said: "The top e-reader chip and a leading provider of e-reader is a joint OEM a win-win combination. Hanwang Freescale is honored to be chosen, and we look forward to cooperate with the company to achieve world-class products that enable electronic reader products, features and value of higher level ."

MC33171 Suppliers

(Electronic markets Reuters) Corning will be the first construction of production facilities in mainland Chinas TFT-LCD glass substrate supplier Corning Inc. announced they will build in the Beijing Economic and MC33171 Suppliers and Technological Development Zone in Chinas first liquid crystal display (LCD) glass substrate The finishing production facilities. The amount of investment of the project were not disclosed. Corning Greater China CEO Kang Keming Commenting on the news release said: "I would like to take this opportunity in the selection process for our cooperation has provided local governments and agencies to express my heartfelt thanks. As we have repeatedly emphasized , Corning Chinas LCD industry has a strong commitment and will work with us in this global market, are an important area of common development. todays news announcement further demonstrates our commitment. "Corning Display Technologies Kekang Yi, president of China, said the Ministry said: "This news release today, we are very happy. We have recently completed a rigorous site selection process. While each candidate to have their own advantages, but we eventually found the Beijing Economic and Technological Development District is finishing the construction of production facilities in suitable locations. "Corning has always been involved in its business operations in the LCD production areas became the first glass substrate in the local production facilities established suppliers. Corning first in the local construction of the glass finishing process, and then based on market and customer needs assessment to determine whether the construction of other processes. With the establishment of production facilities in mainland China, Corning will continue its development of new markets has been proved that the strategic choice.

MC33171 Price

Atmel Corporation (Atmel Corporation) announced that the latest maXTouch series capacitive touch screen controller solution has been put into production. The product can be used for the 250 Hz refresh rate video quality screen, can support an unlimited number of touching the operation. Atmels new technology platform to support the development dimension maXTouch more than 10 inches of touch screen, provides a comprehensive scale, rotate the screen, handwriting and MC33171 Price and shape recognition. In addition, this new touch screen solution also has the Atmel used to enhance the traditional performance of mutual capacitance and self-patented charge-transfer capacitive technology, the industrys highest performance than the current program performance touch screen 3 times. Atmels maXTouch t the same time, rival AMDs market share slipped to 11.5%, lower than the first quarter of this year, 12.8% and 11.9% in the second quarter last year.

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