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Ic MC34152

LED or light emitting diodes, is the worlds most advanced lighting technology, known as following the fire light, incandescent, gas discharge lamp after the fourth generation light source. LED lighting technology to avoid the first three generations of high-energy consumption lighting, pollution, defects such as short life, although its backlight, decoration, display, special lighting and IC MC34152 and other fields has long been a large-scale applications, but because of disruption in key technologies, street lighting in the city , buildings and outdoor decoration lighting and other large general-purpose lighting applications, has not been a breakthrough. in the Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, a large bright lighting Co., Ltd. After nearly a decade of concentrated research and development, and achieved, including phosphors, thermal resin package model, support structure, the optical structure of the core technology patents, to solve the source package in thermal equilibrium, the light fades and uniformity problems, its products have been in the West District of the North all the way and so some of the roads in use, and started in Sichuan, Hebei, Guangdong and Beijing debut .

MC34152 Suppliers

"Narcissus" washing machines, "Victory" color TV, "Ying Yan" air conditioning ... ... Canton who was familiar with the old appliances in Guangzhou are hard to find. It is understood that the past 10 years, people used the domestic TV, air conditioning, a brand Bacheng disappear, the achievements of these appliances a new buzzword "orphan appliances." But who will control these appliances is broken into a lot of people put in front of a problem. This reporter recently conducted some research on this.

MC34152 Price

In 2009, one day, the streets suddenly starts singing the song "I'm in the corner suffering from a cold", no lyrics are catchy dadalan, with Song Hye Kyo was so many crazy people back. BBK's mobile advertising, with a song with feeling, moved us, but also let us know the move not only from life, also from the mobile phone, from the music.

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