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Ic MC3423P1

advanced manufacturing is a measure of the size and IC MC3423P1 and level of comprehensive national strength and a major symbol of modernization. The most economically developed countries, modern, almost all manufacturing of the most developed countries. The face of fierce international competition, to make our country from a "big country" into a "manufacturing power", must implement information technology to stimulate industrialization strategy, not an advanced instrumentation industry support, can not complete this task.

MC3423P1 Suppliers

ED is the use of cold cathode field emission electron beam bombardment and MC3423P1 Suppliers and the luminous display screen technology, it has much in common with the CRT, just a CRT electron gun into each pixel has tens of thousands electron emission electrode, eliminating the need for a magnetic field, use the same light-emitting phosphors.

MC3423P1 Price

E-producer in recent years began with the introduction of larger and MC3423P1 Price and cheaper LCD and plasma TV, once dominated the large-size flat-panel TV market shrinking demand for projection TVs. this October, Sony ended the fiscal year in March next year, rear-projection TV sales target of reducing by 43% to 40 million units.

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