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Ic MC6802P

LSIS, KSW Microtec, RF IDentics, RSI ID Technologies, Tagsys and IC MC6802P and UPM Raflatac tags and other famous manufacturers of new G2X chips were fully tested, and gives consistent good feedback. In addition, some companies have started active cooperation with end users, working on the new NXP UCODE range in footwear, clothing and other recording media, and applications deployed RFID, electronic products can be tracked from manufacturing to the global supply chain through to retail outlets the entire process.

MC6802P Suppliers

next-generation DVD format because of the physical format, divided into two groups. Faction is a Blu-ray format, HD-DVD faction is the format. Currently, 80% of the discs produced in China, but because of the disc and MC6802P Suppliers and related professional organizations have not business development, foreign companies have to pay an annual royalty of China CD-ROM business, and this cost is very high. Intellectual property is the painful experience of Chinese DVD industry. Chinese companies hope to have a say in the international community so as to reduce patent fees.

MC6802P Price

"Chinas participation in next-generation DVD is divided into two parts: one is the same as before to foreign companies, such as processing, manufacturing; the other is a difference in intellectual property . "yesterday, Optical Memory National Engineering Research Center of Tsinghua University, deputy director of land up to reporters, said:" If you do not have their own intellectual property rights, Chinese enterprises are only two major camps in China next-generation DVD as part of marketing activities, is not conducive to the development of Chinese enterprises . "

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