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Ic MC68360EM25C

LTC4311 can be used as low as 1.6V and IC MC68360EM25C and up to 5.5V of supply voltage. It provides an ENABLE pin for less than 5uA low current shutdown, the shutdown or power outage do not give the bus load. LTC4311 automatically detects the bus idle state, in the standby mode the supply current to only 26uA. In order to achieve higher reliability, LTC4311 pins can withstand ± 8kV Human Body Model ESD without being damaged.

MC68360EM25C Suppliers

SMIC into the core is the hosting company, the original founder Richard Chang SMIC intends to expand its analog semiconductor business, and MC68360EM25C Suppliers and this newspaper disclosed, will be there for the development of MEMS ( micro-electromechanical systems), and possible future acquisition of shares into the core, but now no hope.

MC68360EM25C Price

in terms of switching regulators, TI also introduced with a buck / boost feature TPIC74100-Q1 device. The device allows the user to expand the input voltage range, and MC68360EM25C Price and even extended to the devices output voltage. This feature can be cold in the car during cold start (such as when starting the engine) to ensure the complete work. The devices other features include low standby current, high efficiency and up to 45V input voltage capability. In addition to switching regulators, linear voltage regulator is also TIs automotive product line, part of the device, the TLE4275-Q1 linear regulator provides a low quiescent current, can help customers save even if the vehicle is not driving the application of power when needed The battery power consumption. All in all, TI LED lighting in the main device includes TPS61042 low-power DC / DC boost converter and TLC59xx series of 8-bit and 16-bit constant current LED driver.

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