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Ic MC68882FN20A

In the contest arena, and IC MC68882FN20A and through the fluttering of the interview, I deeply chivalrous to help the team for the infinite moved forward. It is understood that the main fact to help the participants to participate in the contest to help the brethren to prepare equipment, props, spent quite a while to help the brothers, and to contest this time, hard to leveling, money, fight equipment , fight Diet. We are helping to honor the Last Stand. I also sincerely wish them the next game, can get better results, and participate in the competition every team, every participant on their team to extend my deep respect. Ing ... ... a bottomless pit not far from a sudden burst of noise: "Boss! Chuimao give me" "No, should I want my boss armor ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Do not be my armor ~ ~ "" I want gold ... ... "" ... ... "

MC68882FN20A Suppliers

Recently, Maxim introduced low dropout (LDO) linear regulator MAX15027-MAX15030, the regulators are working on 1.425V to 3.6V input voltage and MC68882FN20A Suppliers and can deliver up to 1A (MAX15027/MAX15028) or 500mA (MAX15029/MAX15030) of output current. In addition, MAX15028/MAX15030 a bias input, allows the device to use independent power supply, very suitable for automotive applications, uninterrupted power supply. Bias input to the regulator during turn-off input current to only 2μA (max). This series of LDO regulators to save power in the +70 ° C when the power consumption of 1.9W, is the networking, storage, servers and telecommunications equipment, ideal for a variety of applications.

MC68882FN20A Price

In the graphics industry, in addition to ATI / NVIDIA integrated public version of the cooling solution, we are the most common is aluminum extrusion heat sink cooling fan simple structure of the program. With the explosion in recent years, the number of transistors GPU core followed by heating and MC68882FN20A Price and power, thermal efficiency of the graphics card heat sink enormous challenges, some manufacturers raised by the cooling fan to solve the problem, although the GPU's heating problems can be some degree of relief, but graphics work, the life of the fan noise and are not guaranteed.

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