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the case of China, the Chinese PV companies in the overall conversion efficiency of the inverter, structural technology, work, stability of the most advanced level with a certain gap, a small basic level of technology with foreign power at the same level. Hefei Light Power Supply is the largest supplier of new energy power products include wind, photovoltaic, power system power, the product successfully used in many domestic large-scale demonstration project in 2009, shipments of PV inverter is about 80MW.

MC68HC705J1ACDW Suppliers

Shui Qing Mu Hua according to the latest research report shows that the function of the inverter is to convert DC to AC, as a "reverse" the rectification process, so called "inversion." PV inverters for the photovoltaic system core devices. Inverter performance improvements for improving the system reliability, efficiency, increase system life and MC68HC705J1ACDW Suppliers and reduce costs is critical.

MC68HC705J1ACDW Price

the first to adopt the new norms of companies, including: Arteris, Cadence, Mentor , Sonics, Synopsys and MC68HC705J1ACDW Price and Xilinx. According to the latest statistics show that the global PV module shipments in the first half of this year about 7GW, not only far exceeded pre-crisis level of annual installations, it is global new capacity last year was flat.

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