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Sapphire X1950XTX floor using red PCB design, graphics production based on the new R580 graphics chip, the core has up to 48 pixel shader units, provides MicrosoftDirectX9.0c, ShaderModel3.0HDR AA support through 64-bit floating point High Dynamic Range rendering (HDR), blending function and IC MC68HC908GZ48CFA and new high-quality anisotropic filtering (AF) Crossfire mode with 12 × Anti-aliasing (AA) feature, players will experience unprecedented image quality. At the same time also the perfect support for Sapphire X1950XT AVIVO HDCP technology, HDTV is the latest high-definition video standard provides outstanding video playback capabilities.

MC68HC908GZ48CFA Suppliers

"Mali and MC68HC908GZ48CFA Suppliers and Europe", a world well-known game characters, which to plumbers, and other variable universal racing identity and classic design, has won her many loyal Fans. And have the same nickname AOC198PW is the super-widescreen "Mali and Europe." One multi-function machine, bold design trends, love fashion and avant-garde by many users of the image referred to as: the player's "Display Cube." Hannover, Germany CeBIT 2007 exhibition great recognition, product manufacturing, components, technology to achieve significant breakthroughs. Feng thin

MC68HC908GZ48CFA Price

LG.Philips LCD (LPL) and MC68HC908GZ48CFA Price and Eastman Kodak Company announced that 15 companies (Eastman Kodak Company) to reach an assessment of AMOLED technology development agreement, according to the agreement, the two companies will share in the mobile display technology, AMOLED technology the development and supply of products to cooperate. LG.Philips LCD (LPL), executive vice president and chief technology officer Budiman Sastra, said, "With Kodaks leading OLED materials and production process, is bound to consolidate our leading position in TFT technology. The two companies will jointly develop the field of business opportunities in the future AMOLED "active matrix organic light emitting diode panel (AMOLED) is called next-generation display technology, including Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, LG Philips, attached great importance to this new display technology. With the exception of Samsung Electronics and LG Philips to develop large-size AMOLED products as the main direction, Samsung SDI, AU Optronics, are all small and medium size development. AMOLED TFT LCD display is also compared to competitive. In theory, AMOLED module without backlight and color filters and other materials, and therefore on the proportion of material costs, lower than the TFT LCD monitor. However, high production costs, could lead to AMOLED competitive. So before 2007, AMOLED must begin to launch large-size LCD TVs, or little chance for future development. DisplaySearch forecasts the market in 2007 with 22 companies who date AMOLED market, that there are still many people optimistic about the future development of AMOLED market potential.

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