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Appearance, the Great Wall Z97 stylish black narrow frame design, under the home button, all-steel chassis, tough design is fairly simple. Black body, and IC MC68LC302PU20VCT and the Great Wall and base with silver decorative buttons, feel special and comfortable. The most significant feature of the Great Wall z97 than 16:10 on the display format and has the best resolution of 1680 × 1050, 1680 × 1050 resolution is 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor best resolution, the Great Wall Z97 allows users in 19 wide screen high definition images to enjoy fine. In other parameters, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, brightness of 350 lumens, Viewing angle: Horizontal 170 / Vertical 160, are now more mainstream parameters.

MC68LC302PU20VCT Suppliers

lash, you can also use a positive pulse to drive LED. 3) To prevent LED damage, response to the current flowing through the LED to be limited. LED current limit current implementation There are 3 main methods, each method has advantages and MC68LC302PU20VCT Suppliers and disadvantages. 4) the LED current and the nonlinear relationship between light energy, LED lighting efficiency should be higher in the current work.

MC68LC302PU20VCT Price

Sony's NR / NX series of palm are used by 320 * 480 resolution screen, it is actually a virtual handwriting area of the screen handwriting area, hand area can be replaced by Tnsilkchanger theme, making it more attractive cooler people!

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