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For the absence of funding problems, a concern about RFID industry who think that this venture is not a problem, "VC RFID industry has long been noted, the risk is unknown so we compare the pre-caution," to be confirmed once the prospect "There will be a lot of capital investment", after all, Shenzhen is the most active venture capital cities. Of course, this also requires the government to guide the Fund's support in the industry play a real role in guiding, authorities said, according to the Shenzhen municipal government will spend 560 million this year alone, the financial support of things and IC MC74HC1G04DFT1 and the RFID business. On the other hand, the GEM listing and financing for enterprises in Shenzhen will have a proximity to the successful listing of Invengo and have been included in "the growth of innovative enterprises in Shenzhen City, the road map scheme" Sincere upcoming capital markets can feel benefits.

MC74HC1G04DFT1 Suppliers

able to meet the "hope for an early use of" this demand is fluorescent and MC74HC1G04DFT1 Suppliers and can be installed on existing light bulbs LED lights on the interface. Users without special action, just follow the steps to replace fluorescent lamps and light bulbs LED light source technology to complete. The Lighting Fair showcased many of these can directly interface with existing LED lights. Among them, the shape of the light bulb LED light bulb can be said that has made great progress in shape.

MC74HC1G04DFT1 Price

Per month but has been able to sell IDT 20 million phone cards, SpectraLink company's Wi-Fi phone prices in the 400-650 U.S. dollars, but the next generation of products will reduce the price to 100 dollars.

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