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the second eighth-generation line will be built in the Tangjeong industrial park is expected to be put into operation the second quarter of 2009. The production line is based on eighth-generation technology, technical code 8-2. This means that from the glass master will be able to cut out 2200 X 2500mm panel. In fact, from S-LCD Corporation has already begun much earlier eighth in the use of technology, technology, code-named 8-1. However, the 8-2 newer technology can cut costs to reduce a large panel. The new plant is expected to cut 60,000 a month to the glass master, and IC MC74HC4051ADTR2G and use the 8-1 month plant technology can only handle about 5 million.

MC74HC4051ADTR2G Suppliers

into the 45nm era of the war, the old version of the 65nm Core 2 Duo processor, a general starting price. Never played the E4400 has now 900 yuan from 790 yuan reported low-priced, Core 2 Duo installed using the time has come, we need to contrast with what kind of motherboard do? Support the current 800/1066MHz FSB support and MC74HC4051ADTR2G Suppliers and the latest 45nm 1333MHz FSB; the best integrated graphics support for high-performance discrete graphics expansion; support disk arrays; support Gigabit network card; stability and overclocking ability ... ... that one thousand thousand chanting is the most cost-effective Pioneer Unika !

MC74HC4051ADTR2G Price

which is STRONGWIND, with red and MC74HC4051ADTR2G Price and blue colors to choose from, today, I red a example for everyone. Convex surface of the design of aluminum fins, aluminum thickness is 2.5mm, far greater than the common aluminum memory heatsink. Use of 4cm, 3500rpm, long life ball bearing fan bearings, quietness outstanding, and has a glare effect.

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