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Following W25X10/20/40/80 (from 1Mb to 8Mb) after selling, Winbond further introduced higher capacity W25X16 (16Mb) and IC MC74VHC08DTR2 and W25X32 (32Mb) products, serial Flash memory applications, including DVD Optical Storage , desktop and notebook computers, WLAN devices, DSL modems, printers, wireless telephone and so on. 16Mb and 32Mb are available and low cost packaging of small 8-pin 208milSO8 package, higher-capacity serial flash memory (more than 16Mb capacity) typically can not use the 8-pin, and use of high-cost packaging 16-pin high 300milSO16 package. Winbond W25X16 and W25X32 package area equivalent to half of the 16-pin SOIC, 8 pin 208milSO8 can be used in smaller and more simple printed circuit board. SO8 also considered applicable to the same pin 4Mb to 32Mb capacity. W25X16 and W25X32 support standard SPI interface, the read speed of 75MHz clock. With dual output (DualOutput) read function, the transfer rate of up to 150MHz clock (> 18MB / s), that is, the same four SPI pins, each providing two clock data output. Using 25X "Dual Output (DualOutput) SPI" feature, which provides high-performance serial flash memory output in a more rapid rate, allowing the controller to quickly transfer data to RAM, or even directly from the SPI implementation process. W25X16 and W25X32 series provides 4KB and 64KB erasable blocks can be erased section. 4KB blocks as small as can be stored using the EEPROM parameters and configuration information. Size of 4KB for broadcast or recording in the recording and editing, such as wireless telephones, answering machines, gaming, and Voice of electronic products. W25X16VSSIG (16Mb, 208milSO8) certification is now available to send samples, but W25X32VSSIG (32Mb, 208milSO8) in December 2006 is expected to send samples. Delivery time will be a lot of 1st quarter of 2007, the two package types are available in 16-pin 300mil and WSON package.

MC74VHC08DTR2 Suppliers

In the case of re-use of insider information, the most common is the knowledge of two parties who quietly in a message released on the eve of Jiancang, then sell the profit. May 2008, China Securities Regulatory Commission announced on Deng Jun, Qu Li suspected insider trading of the survey results. In the April 22, 2007, Jubilee Industrial Co., Ltd. (now renamed the medium-term investment in China Co., Ltd.) and MC74VHC08DTR2 Suppliers and China Investment Co., Ltd. for the acquisition of medium-term which holds mid-term Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd. of Liaoning and the replenishment of the stake reached a preliminary intention , Liaoning, Deng Jun, Chairman and Interim Vice President informed of the message before the song Liti and through personal accounts to buy shares, then sell profit 150,000 yuan respectively, and 7.5 million. Commission finds that the violation of the "Securities Act" prohibited in Article seventy-third insider trading provisions for punishment of persons, confiscation of illegal insider trading proceeds, and impose a fine of double the illegal proceeds.

MC74VHC08DTR2 Price

fewer computer users that "overclocking" and MC74VHC08DTR2 Price and "unstable" and so there is linked with many complex settings, and BIOS is not so friendly interface, so that ordinary users shunned overclocking. No Nero, executive vice president of Worldwide Product KrisBarton said: "NeroMoveit software goal is to enable users to

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