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"Endpoint Technologies Associates" President Roger Kay said, "I always think the hardware before the software, the software first on the user." He thought for a long period time, quad-core laptop does not apply to mainstream users. He said, "I think the development of quad-core notebook is needed, but the development needs of the mainstream at least 3 to 4 years." In addition to the high cost and IC MC74VHC1G08DFT1G and power consumption restrictions, to take full advantage of quad-core processor software scarcity is a major cause, which is caused by short-term difficulties in the Intel multi-core processor, the main reason for selling.

MC74VHC1G08DFT1G Suppliers

What is light wafer pattern: light wafer refers to the traditional IDM model is the core technology vendors will remain in their own manufacturing plants, but will gradually outsource non-core processes to foundry business model. With the enhancement of technological level, equipment and MC74VHC1G08DFT1G Suppliers and related technology R & D investment increased dramatically, light wafer pattern is the main development direction of IDM, foundry capacity in recent years, accounting for the proportion of total production capacity increased from 11.8% to 17.2%, the future will further increase.

MC74VHC1G08DFT1G Price

Held in Singapore in the opening two-day exhibition, Nokia is responsible for the Asia Pacific region UrpoKarjalainen senior vice president of marketing, said a key area is the music phone, Nokia will sell it this year alone nearly 80 million music phone. UrpoKarjalainen cited market research firms forecast that the sales of music phones will be 40 million in 2004 to grow to 2010 over 900 million, of which the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 30%.

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