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The jagged, economical and IC MC908AS60ACFN and practical fiber optic module for optical transmission through SD/HD/3G-SDI video, this transmission line with SMPTE 259M/292M/424M agreement Support 270Mb / s to 2.97Gb / s rate. Each module is made by a full metal die-casting frame by the external micro-XLR-type connector to provide AC power. Each micro-fiber extension of saber-toothed tiger through an optical fiber transmission devices, which can prevent the transmission of the abnormal video signal on the interconnect. Optical interconnect can support up to 600 meters of multi-mode transmission, or 10 km of single mode optical fiber and cable transmission.

MC908AS60ACFN Suppliers

On the technical characteristics, HKC widescreen King of Kings is not because of low price and MC908AS60ACFN Suppliers and save any part of its input to support VGA and DVI digital signals analog signals in two ways, in DVI digital signal input mode, resolution up to 1440 * 900, the VGA analog signal input mode, the sampling frequency of 25-210MHZ, line frequency to 30-80KHZ, field frequency to 55-75HZ, but also features an audio input and output interfaces. HKC widescreen Wang

MC908AS60ACFN Price

no output transformer, ultra-low noise FET preamplifier eliminates low frequency distortion RJ2S (2 pole use): 8A high standard with polar motion display brightness LED (except Simple ) IDECs unique light structures to ensure clear visibility, and MC908AS60ACFN Price and therefore, easy to confirm the light of the state. The electrical resistance / mechanical durability.

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