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Second, the company earnings in the first quarter of 2009 has not yet reflect the trend of fiber prices in Table 1 shows, the company achieved revenues in Q1 2009, 747 million, an increase of 33.85%, and IC MC9S12DJ128CFU and the companys gross margin will remain at 2008 levels. March 2009, operators Fiber Central Purchasing prices rose 13% over the previous year, while a quarter of the price is still practiced in the past, so the company has not fully reflect the income of the first quarter of this industry trend. Since implementation of the new Central Purchasing the second quarter of the price, so we believe that gross margin in 2009 over a quarter of the year will be significantly improved. The three operators will wish to implement 3G in the first half of 2009, the scale of Telephone Number, so the first quarter of 2009, operators of work has focused on the expansion of mobile base stations. Therefore, we believe that the first quarter of 2009, the company earnings in the system equipment, 3G supporting transmission accounted for a larger increase compared with 2008. Third, advance accounts and inventories remain high, and laid the basis of business growth as shown below, the companys accounts receivable and inventory in advance has remained at a high level, which accounts in advance of 597 million by the end of 07 rose to 782 million by the end of 2008 the , while the stock continued to climb to the end of the first quarter of 2009, the company stock has reached 23 billion yuan. We judge, the company issued mainly by the commodity composition of inventories, issue of goods continues to rise, reflecting both the strong industry demand, but also kept the companys future growth performance of the foundation.

MC9S12DJ128CFU Suppliers

I do not know what more specialized areas of the production of DVD discs is when the line card with hardware in real-time compression of video signals. Dangran way this DVD production is relatively high cost of some dedicated DVD-MPEG2 compression card price is relatively high, most of the regular film and MC9S12DJ128CFU Suppliers and television production sector in order to ensure the quality of DVD, the more choices of ways to use hardware compression DVD encoding.

MC9S12DJ128CFU Price

E-reader to solve the three major shortcomings of the last point has long been criticized for copyright issues. World Book Day, also known as the World Copyright Day, the date as early as the invention of movable type, carrying ideas and MC9S12DJ128CFU Price and words of wisdom, you can easily replicate and spread, and today make this spread of various types of technology more quickly. How to protect the interests of creators and give them power, conditions continue to contribute to wisdom? Copyright is the best weapon.

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