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Ic MCP6042-I/P

from the specifications point of view, P41 and IC MCP6042-I/P and P45 chipsets, like, support the use of 45nm, LGA775 Core2Duo, including the interface processor, support the highest 1333MHzFSB, also has a PCI-E × 16 graphics slot, a little regret, it is a graphics card expansion slot is only 1.0 specification, but considering the use of P41 motherboard is obviously the user will not buy a high-end graphics card, PCI-E1.1 × 16 graphics interface to the face of 9600GT, 9800GT, GTS250 like the card is no problem, after all, the data throughput of such cards will not be much.

MCP6042-I/P Suppliers

Atmel Corporation has announced the expansion of functions with AVR 32 DSP embedded CPU architecture, the product may be extended portable handheld multimedia devices (such as portable video players, MP3 players and MCP6042-I/P Suppliers and mobile phones) battery life. AVR 32 by the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) conducted a preliminary determination of the performance of the core processor per clock cycle to three times higher than the other, which means that applications based on the processor with a faster time to implementation, while also reducing power consumption and extended battery life of end products. Test shows that its code length shorter than the similar products up to 50%. For example, only 100MHz operation, AVR32 core can complete one quarter of the size of VGA MPEG4 movie decode all the necessary processing, and to achieve this functionality you need for other processors to run at 266MHz under. So for the end user is the same extended battery life. Jiang AVR32 increased to 400MHz clock frequency or higher, the architecture of computing power but also to handle more tasks, but no additional processors or hardware accelerators, which can reduce production costs and improve system integration and reliability.

MCP6042-I/P Price

CES2004 News: Epson Corporation on January 5th announced model P-1000 portable photo viewer machine, built-in 10GB hard drive, the configuration is the large 3.8 "VGALCD display, is a very good Portable digital photo view platform. P-1000 also has a CompactFlash expansion slot, the other memory cards require an adapter can only be read, and MCP6042-I/P Price and comes with TV output, and Epson printers connected to the terminal, the output can be directly printed, in addition to also has a USB interface, the player can be connected to a computer to view enjoy. The product market is expected in February, estimated retail price of about RMB 4200-4500 yuan . PalmGear Chinese website provides an opportunity for Chinese users to enjoy the latest Pocket PC software that provides content ranging from business to entertainment and all aspects of life.

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