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Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shang Hai Ji Wu Suo researchers developed the first manned transport spacecraft for our "high-power semiconductor devices to upgrade lighting filter technology", and IC MCR100-8 and successfully screened to ensure compliance EEE Aerospace Components outline the requirements and meet the power requirements of extravehicular environmental applications of semiconductor lighting devices, has been in the Shenzhou VII manned transport spacecraft in extravehicular activities, the task has been successfully validated for the present there is no level of high-power LED device quality in the aerospace field application of technology to explore the possible ways. The support of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, "High-power LED lighting space selection criteria" project was also launched last year and will be completed this year and acceptance. Semiconductor light-emitting diode lighting device (LED) with high light efficiency, low power, low voltage, small size, light weight, high reliability and other characteristics, is a new type of solid state lighting, lighting in the space field has obvious advantages and wide application prospects. he CBN reporter was informed that the case, the U.S. employees in China belong to the defendant Chi Chong, and American workers has become a witness. SHI Huai-side that it does not give Chinese citizens the most basic national treatment.

MCR100-8 Suppliers

Headquartered in the United States Semiconductor Industry Association said in a report on the 2nd, as a good global economic growth and MCR100-8 Suppliers and high-definition television, digital music players and other consumer electronics products sold last year, global semiconductor sales reached a record 248 billion U.S. dollars, more than 8.9% the previous year. Semiconductor Industry Association President George Scully Cypriots believe that the electronics industry in 2006 is "on consumers." He said that due to lower selling prices and a substantial increase in high-definition television, high-definition TV in the U.S. last year, sales doubled over the previous year, growth is expected to continue. Scarborough Lise said last year, emerging market demand for a large number of low-end phones to cell phone chips, the average price dropped by about 40 dollars, but the growth of mobile phone users in emerging markets is very strong. According to statistics, last year sold 34 million U.S. digital music player. Semiconductor Industry Association believes that, despite the digital music players sales growth may slow down, but the manufacturers to expand the memory digital music players and video players and other new features added, this part of the product will be used to improve the grade of the chip. Last year, 235 million in worldwide PC sales, sales growth has slowed. But the PC is still the use of large chips. Semiconductor Industry Association expects global semiconductor sales this year than last year increased 10% to 274 billion U.S. dollars.

MCR100-8 Price

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