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Ic MCT271

AMD marketing director, according to the briefing, the socket was inspired by the needs of high-end users, the current CPU market seems to be repeating the graphics market pace, the more the core of better ... ...

MCT271 Suppliers

Control Division of the supply voltage of +5 V. Operating temperature range is -20 ~ +85 ℃, the temperature range of movement at the joint of -20 ~ +125 ℃. 48 7mm square package with terminals QFP. Sample price is 600 yen. Program from 2008 to the end of the scale of 100,000 per month implementation of volume production. NEC Electronics in April 2008 16 to 18 at Makuhari Messe, Chiba Prefecture Convention and MCT271 Suppliers and Exhibition Center at the "23 th Power Systems Exhibition" on display this product.

MCT271 Price

5. DRAM will rebound? Gartner analyst Andrew Norwood said: "Gartner forecast in January 2010 DDR2 prices drop as demand continues to decline, while supply, especially from Taiwan, is increasing. DDR3 prices are difficult to predict, the best The result is to maintain the status quo, but may be a slight decline. in the contract market, prices will drop back to moderate, this is a good thing, because DRAM in high-end and MCT271 Price and midrange PC which account for 10% of the BOM cost (for the OEM is the long-term pressure points). in the next few months will help to ease the price of slow PC OEM products to enhance their PC memory values, resulting in demand in 2010 to create a good environment so as to absorb the second half of 2010 major supplier to the 40nm technology transfer and increased capacity ."

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