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4870X2 will have two versions, with 2GBGDDR5 and IC MF10CCJ and 1GBGDDR3 memory, is expected to price $ 549, respectively, and $ 499. Sapphire RadeonHD4870X2 already boarded the foreign sale of property websites, including tax price of £ 306.99 (equivalent to 589.4 U.S. dollars), excluding tax price of 261.279 pounds (equivalent to 501.6 U.S. dollars), the specific specifications are not yet known.

MF10CCJ Suppliers

Qimonda DDR3 512MB SO-DIMM module is the worlds fastest SO-DIMM module to 800Mbps and MF10CCJ Suppliers and 1,067 Mbps data transfer rate of treatment, equivalent to about 40 per second MP3 songs or 80 high resolution digital images.

MF10CCJ Price

Is well known that CD in the CD-ROM drive and MF10CCJ Price and reached close to 10,000 rpm spin speed, almost already at the limit state. 16x speed burner turn around in 9000, is to ensure the best quality recording speed. The 18X speed recording products as well as 20 higher standards is the challenge of recording technology, when the transfer speed increased to about 11,000, the 20X burner products in the work, means that the outer ring in the CD-ROM data transfer speed of up to 1350KB / sX20, or about 27MB / s, burn a DVD disc so that the working time can be effectively reduced. 20X 18X shorten compared to about 20 seconds, 18X compared to 16X shortened by 40 seconds. Tens of seconds of the moment rate rise will increase the high-speed rotating disc tray may be broken, reducing data precision, and the data recorders failed. Shorten a few seconds on the main chip, head speed, laser power and disc checks and balances, effective quiet cooling and other technical requirements more demanding.

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