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Ic MIC2525-1BM

Power Supply Factory - AcBel introduction of new products LED lights, can be combined with safety monitoring system. Glands that LED lighting, mainly the main problem now is that heat treatment, and IC MIC2525-1BM and to supply the core technology AcBel started, cut the field of LED lighting systems, has advantages. Around the lamp to mark the initial target mainly the case, but the standard case, the market has regional and local projects involving, so Glands and local vendors will be put into standard case the market model. Glands of the LED lights the future will be a separate shipment, ship monitoring systems can also be combined with the other monitoring systems can also be a separate shipment is expected later this year is expected to show results.

MIC2525-1BM Suppliers

Currently the company SMD LED product applications to include automotive markets, and MIC2525-1BM Suppliers and for a variety of emerging LED applications, the main product is the Dragon LED. According to research firm that monitors the end of last Toshiba Matsushita Display control 10% of global manufacturing small and medium-size panels, behind Sharp (Sharp), the success of this transaction, panel industry will be the new alliance.

MIC2525-1BM Price

However, Toshiba, Panasonic both have denied the rumors, the main message of this transaction has not yet reached the public. Despite the profit decline, Toshiba continues to focus on small-size panel production, the sources pointed out that the action by the acquisition of Panasonic can speed up the decision-making speed, and MIC2525-1BM Price and to restore market order.

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