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Ic MIC2778-2BM5

as Enhanced Intel Speed Step Technology and IC MIC2778-2BM5 and Thermal Monitor 2 Ratio Transition support and other functions of the lowest frequency to 14 times the multiplier for the original is the Pentium D 920 14 no difference, so only a Pentium D 9xx series Pentium D 920 did not launch C1 Stepping version. In addition to addressing the BNR examination number, power consumption is also significantly improved performance, the original Pentium D 920 2.8GHz and 930 3GHz maximum power consumption of 95W, while the Pentium D 940 3.2GHz Pentium D 950 3.4GHz and the maximum power consumption is 130W, but C1 Stepping of 940 and 950 was reduced to 95W, 35W more than the old and new surprising difference.

MIC2778-2BM5 Suppliers

At present, the Patriot, Asiacom other brands have joined the battle to the hard drive MP3 ring, as more and MIC2778-2BM5 Suppliers and more vendors involved, in addition to NAND, the corresponding decoder chip, the master chip, D / A converter chip, power amplifier chip, PCB and surrounding the filter and power supply units and other basic components of products are expected to get stronger growth.

MIC2778-2BM5 Price

The Great Wall as a market selling display M2231, stylish design of its humanities and MIC2778-2BM5 Price and mainstream performance is the main reason for selling. In performance, M2231 except with 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 300 lumens brightness, 5ms response time, 170 ° / 160 ° viewing angle, and other mainstream ultra-high performance in addition, M2231 also has a full 1920 × 1080 HD resolution is realized for the 1080P Full HD playback support. It is worth mentioning that, in appearance M2231 is also the first to realize cross-border integration of technology and culture, will Dielianhua graphic elements outlined above the base of the monitor, so that the full sense of science and technology of electronic products a # # # # # Accordingly dealer said that the Great Wall Display M2231 promotional activities, homework not only on price offensive and, from March 28 to April 20 start date, will be to expand the site to buy gifts in the form of promotional mix activities. By then, the Great Wall display Dielianhua M2231 purchase consumers can get couple sets of cups, notepads, umbrellas and other fashion Dielianhua series of gifts.

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