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Ic MIC29151-5.0BU

(Electronic markets Reuters) Tokyo, February 7, 2006 - Renesas Technology Corp. and IC MIC29151-5.0BU and Powerchip Semiconductor today announced the signing of the license agreement, which covers used in 1Gbit AG-AND flash memory device technology, and sales of such devices. Prior to this, the two sides have signed the contract on manufacturing. The new partnership agreement to enhance the relationship between the two, and began allowing Powerchip Semiconductor (PSC) to sell their own brand of flash memory. The signing of this agreement will lead to market growth in the supply of AND flash memory, these devices will also promote the expansion of the market, customers as well. About Renesas Technology Renesas Technology Corp. is a mobile phone, automotive, computer and video audio and other areas of the worlds leading semiconductor system solutions provider, is one of the worlds first MCU supplier. Renesas Technology also offers LCD driver IC, smart card IC, RF IC, SoC, SiP and other products. As Hitachi (TSE: 6501, NYSE: HIT) and Mitsubishi Electric (TSE: 6503) joint venture, Renesas Technology was established in April 1, 2003. In fiscal 2004, Renesas Technology sales revenue reached 100.24 billion yen. Renesas Technology is based in Tokyo, Japan, has a more than 20 countries and over 26,000 employees, manufacturing, design and sales of global network.

MIC29151-5.0BU Suppliers

Samsung LED backlit TV within the 2010 shipment goals is very positive, with Samsung Group to LED as an important key components, so from the beginning to the end of 2009 to an active preparation, but the LED backlit TV retail prices high, makes the number of terminal sales in the first half of 2010 as expected, plus panel inventory is too high concern, so three weeks from the first quarter to slow the pace up the goods, recently began to adjust the inventory. priority reversal in use with a "priority inheritance" of the scheduler (Scheduler) can be avoided later. This feature has been pre-installed embedded Linux.

MIC29151-5.0BU Price

Crown Ming GF9600GT512MB128BITDDR3 memory type is DDR3, Memory Package FBGA memory interface 128-BIT, Bus Standard memory capacity of 512MB PCI-EX16RAMDAC frequency of 499MHz. Crown Ming GF9600GT512MB128BITDDR3 video interface TV-OUTHDMI Display Interface HDMI DVI VGA, DVI display mode the maximum output 1920X1200, VGA output 2048X1536 @ 85Hz.

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