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Ic MIC37102BM

energy saving concept has been advocated by one of the industry, LED advantages in this regard the popularity makes it more widely. General Electric GE recently developed a LED on the energy-saving light bulbs, the bulb life of up to 17 years. According to GE, the new light bulb consumes only 9W, brightness of 450 lumens, equivalent to a 40W incandescent lamp, energy consumption is reduced 77%. If you press to open four hours a day to count the words of the bulbs can be 17 years (25,000 hours), life expectancy is 25 times of incandescent, compact fluorescent lamps CFL tripled.

MIC37102BM Suppliers

AU through its highly innovative R & D capabilities and MIC37102BM Suppliers and maturity of supply chain execution management system, and actively develop a low-carbon products, to carbon footprint reduction, is expected to reach 2012 carbon footprint reduction of 30 % target, to help customers and provide a full range of low-carbon consumer digital lifestyle, while AUO will also aim to promote corporate environmental culture, and implement social "sustainable development" determination, providing the best interests of customers and consumers.

MIC37102BM Price

"In fact they hold for a very long time. 2007 been the huge loss in 2008, actual loss is more Godson 3 Synopsys (EDA Group, Synopsys U.S.) help, has Design ported to 65-nanometer process. Godson Technology Co., Ltd. is a venture established in China Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company's Godson 3 multi-core processors are designed in cooperation with Synopsys, the first using 65 nanometer technology .

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