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Ic MIC4427YM

In addition, BD3484FS and IC MIC4427YM and BD3489FS the R & D, ROHM will display the output of other Level Meter or Spectrum Analyzer (Spectrum Analyzer) display output, and has multiple ROHM number of channels of audio processor series, terminal configuration and cache table (Register Map) of the common. Even if the function is set in the device when the product level, or to the products for different areas and change the devices function, the input selector, input gain, or volume gain, and other basic procedures, has also been completed with other common of the audio processor.

MIC4427YM Suppliers

the "Advanced Switching" There is another feature of the circuit, for the continued toward multifunctional the burden of constantly increasing CPU, this circuit does not increase the CPU burden. The traditional way of making soft-switching gain changes, CPU must always set the value of the gain timely sent to the audio processor. Therefore, software development also caused a great burden.

MIC4427YM Price

The ROHM unique technology developed to prevent sonic boom "Advanced Switching" circuit, can significantly reduce the sonic boom. The circuit can be input signal level by changing the value of the gain automatically calculate the optimal gain switching order to achieve a more smooth envelope (Envelope). Therefore, whether in quiet or low audio number of heavy 20Hz input, and MIC4427YM Price and even high-power signal input is 2Vrms, almost sonic boom would not have switched.

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