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Ic MIC5201-3.3YM

It is reported that a total investment of 40 billion yuan, annual output of 3,000 tons the largest polysilicon project settled in Wanzhou. Recently, the main investor of the project in Jiangsu Daquan Group Wanzhou District Government has formally signed a cooperation agreement. Polysilicon solar power is a necessary electronic materials, is to create solar cells, semiconductors, liquid crystal display and IC MIC5201-3.3YM and other basic materials, the current domestic annual shortfall of 3,000 tons. According to reports, Yunyang, Xiushan of silicon and other places with rich mineral resources, has the great advantages of polysilicon production. Under the agreement, both parties will invest 1.2 billion yuan in advance, within two years to build an annual output of 1,500 tons polysilicon production lines, and strive to increase their scale of production within a few years to 3,000 tons. The relevant responsible person said that the two sides have been working in Chongqing City, formally incorporated a large new materials Co., Ltd., and the implementation of the project required the implementation of chlorine, hydrogen, nitrogen and other industrial gases production enterprises. He said the project located in Chongqing City, Chongqing City, the development of electronic information industry, with radiation and leading role, will effectively solve the empty reservoir industries, industries and other outstanding problems in a single.

MIC5201-3.3YM Suppliers

This new product model is FOXCONN945GZ7MC-RS2H, is a the latest environmental standards through the European RoHS certified green products, materials and MIC5201-3.3YM Suppliers and processes are in addition to a variety of harmful toxic heavy metals, harmless, non-toxic to the environment, is a rare quality products market.

MIC5201-3.3YM Price

Since 1885, the worlds first car since the birth of an internal combustion engine, after 120 years of development , as a traditional mechanical industry in the mechanical structure has been very well, basically meet the requirements of the past is often used. However, modern society requires of automotive products increased requirements of modern cars clean emissions, protect the environment, reduce energy consumption, saving resources, allows the driver to operate more convenient, more comfortable ride, the driver, passengers and MIC5201-3.3YM Price and pedestrians on the road more security. To address the new requirements of modern society, by changing the traditional structure of the mechanical structure and related parameters to improve the cars performance has been near the limits of traditional mechanical structure of the vehicle technology on the powerless, the traditional auto industry technology seems to come to an end. However, the rise of the electronics industry and development of technology, especially computer technology, computer technology, electronic technology in the automobile industry on the application, so that the technical performance of automotive products greatly improve the possible development of the automotive industry, has injected vitality and vitality.

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