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Ic MIC5219-2.8BM5

GPON specification is based on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) G.984GPON proposal, which provided for the Chinese operators to deploy a global standard for passive optical networks, helping operators to achieve the establishment of China interoperability based on economies of scale, and IC MIC5219-2.8BM5 and the implementation of global examples for reference. In addition, GPON also provides the existing carrier infrastructure division multiplexing (TDM) voice network compatible network timing to enable operators to the existing TDM traffic to the more cost-effective network, and more low operating costs in the traditional business income greater returns.

MIC5219-2.8BM5 Suppliers

to make large-scale deployment of digital TV set-top box (STB) sales by leaps and MIC5219-2.8BM5 Suppliers and bounds, with IPTV, two-way digital cable television, terrestrial digital TV, satellite TV and other digital radio technology continues to progress, the general function of a single standard definition STB receiver can no longer meet the demand. Market research firm IMS Research expects the market in 2012 will account for the global hybrid STB STB shipments more than 25%, the manufacturers operating income will be close to 2.9 billion. With the major chip makers set-top box launched in 2007 hybrid set-top box chip solution, the chip costs continue to decline, hybrid set-top boxes in 2008 is expected to usher in a significant increase. The triple services competition, many large global operators, in particular satellite and IPTV platform operators, is rapidly transition to the hybrid STB. In addition, from non-traditional content providers and service integrators competition is also affecting traditional pay-TV provider. Central position in the digital home competition, in fact, already conquered TV PC, in the next five years, many firms that focus on the PC-based video content seamlessly transferred to the home entertainment center or the Internet delivery of video services seamlessly integrated into home entertainment center. IMS Research forecasts, according to major satellite TV operators to vigorously enhance the competitive position of the strategy, satellite hybrid STB will account for 2012 Hybrid STB unit shipments of 76%. To the export market, satellite hybrid set-top box manufacturers will Chengwei local set-top box system breakthrough; in China itself, due to the strong cable and IPTV broadcasting gradually started Qu Shi , IP + DVB-C set-top boxes is expected to be mixed market space.

MIC5219-2.8BM5 Price

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