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Ic MIC5255-3.0BM5TR

Currently, 771 Power Division has been completed using this technology to develop energy-saving fluorescent lamp T8 series of two models, developed integrated optical completed cast light 30W light, 90W integrated photovoltaic street light, LED lighting applications in the field made a breakthrough.

MIC5255-3.0BM5TR Suppliers

In the field of chip manufacturing and MIC5255-3.0BM5TR Suppliers and packaging and testing, driven by recovery in exports, the industry will no doubt significantly increase. But given the global market, the road to recovery there is a large uncertainty, the parties to the investment expansion of production lines were still cautious, so estimates are hard to show substantial growth in scale of production situation. So in 2010 the domestic chip manufacturing and packaging and testing industry will show a resumption of growth characteristics, industry also is expected to realize the further development until 2011.

MIC5255-3.0BM5TR Price

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