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According to recent statistics from the latest market, Sharp in the second quarter shipments of large-size TFT panel market share has reached 6.6% and IC MIC5800BM and return to the worlds No. 5, single-quarter shipments growth rate is thriving, up to 54% in the future, including LG Philips, Samsung, AUO, CMO and Sharp, panel industrys "first team" has been implicitly shape, eat global total of 5 manufacturers of the city into 5 7 accounting rate. Equipment manufacturers, said Sharps 8th generation plant (substrate size 2160 mm x 2460 mm) program has been launched early next year, monthly 15,000 substrates equipment capacity to begin installed capacity is expected next year in the third quarter, the monthly board production capacity can be up to 45,000. As the D / A converter output unbuffered Therefore, using the composition op-amp and FET common source amplifier. One op-amp output with buffer. V1 circuit in Figure 4 for the D / A output voltage, FET drain - source current (ie, LD drive current) is:

MIC5800BM Suppliers

Lieber said that the technology uses common, low cost and MIC5800BM Suppliers and lightweight materials to produce nano-wire circuits, the chip can do is not only glass, plastic can . This chip can greatly facilitate the computing device application in life, "the efficient electronic devices into every aspect of our lives."

MIC5800BM Price

sensor is required to be measured can be felt, and MIC5800BM Price and in accordance with certain the law can be used to convert the output signal device or devices. Sensor technology as the forefront of modern technology, modern information technology is considered one of the three pillars. There is a market report shows that in 2010 the global sensor market is expected up to 600 billion U.S. dollars. Sensor market growth rate of more than 15%, expected in 2009 was 430 billion. Sensor is equipped with electronic information products manufacturing industry based, is the focus on the development of new electronic components of the special components. CLP yuan Association branch chairman of the Society sensitive units, the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No. 49, Wu Yalin, deputy director of the Institute, said great efforts to strengthen the countrys development and application of the sensor range of policy guidance and support, China has formed a certain sensor industrial base and technological innovation, independent research and development, the transformation has made considerable progress. Group based on MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) technology, new sensors are entering the market. Sensor design, materials control, production technology, reliability, technology and testing technology continues to mature, and gradually increase production capacity. Mechanical quantity sensors, gas sensors, temperature sensors, optical sensors, voltage sensor, and other traditional sensors, not only the gradual growth in the domestic market share, along with some exports.

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