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The built-in "energy saving assistant" function, only the current fuel prices, fuel consumption and IC MIC809TU and other urban fuel consumption and high-speed data input into the software inside, it will be based on your driving directions, speed and fuel consumption used to calculate the corresponding cost, carbon emissions and other information, and coupled with the corresponding results of driving challenges. Open the driver when driving challenge option, you can get through the day driving in the scores to evaluate their own emissions, thus reminding themselves to improve poor driving habits, reduce carbon emissions.

MIC809TU Suppliers

Canon telephoto SX series has become a new generation of DC series, which in August released the latest products SX120 SX series of concern. Canon SX120 processor and MIC809TU Suppliers and the wisdom of using DIGIC4 AUTO shooting mode, with 100 effective megapixels of imaging capabilities, while retaining the highly acclaimed previous generation capacity and 10x optical zoom, 3.0 in. LCD, with the IS image stabilization system also makes the quality of big shot In order to improve, is a cost-effective model.

MIC809TU Price

With advanced optical image stabilization with high sensitivity CCD electronic image stabilization, dual image stabilization technology, Olympus μ7010 and MIC809TU Price and μ7020 enhancing the overall image stabilization shooting, bringing the most reassuring shooting experience. On the one hand, a slight shake if the camera itself, within the sensor body can be perceived in the direction and magnitude of jitter, while drives built-in motor drive CCD imaging device in the opposite direction. This, CCD in a relatively static position for the hand shake effect on the image and therefore greatly reduced. On the other hand, the subject is the movement may also cause image blur. μ7010 and μ7020 is to improve by changing the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity to be overcome. At the same time, Olympus TruePicIII image processing engine can greatly reduce the high sensitivities prone to the phenomenon of noise, good image quality.

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