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Ic MJE340

the occasion of winter experience in the industry, the weak alive even now, it will eventually die, and IC MJE340 and ultimately the rest of the still strong constitution. Yang Xiaodong told the electronic engineering world, in todays Soc times, these single-function chips will eventually integrated into a single chip. Vimicro such as business, is to seize this opportunity to lay the platform Soc slowly integrate, and then bigger. Vimicro is now doing a lot of products in recharge your batteries.

MJE340 Suppliers

Actually, the original venture capital is 10 there are one or two successful, so "half of the company even if the Chinese dead, and MJE340 Suppliers and no, because the rule is this." There will always be good business coming out, some people will lose out. From a global perspective, a new bright spot came out, there will be a number of enterprises follow-up to the last survival of the fittest only a few. Silicon Valley is also the ebb and flow in such a grown up, and ultimately achieve a reasonable balance.

MJE340 Price

bloody competition is certainly not the company had hoped, but from another point of view, which led to the formation of China in the field in an industry that the overall advantage. But now these companies are a home to fall, Yang Xiaodong not view this as a surprise. Because after the year 2003, a group of hot money into the semiconductor area, including analog circuits, but also brought together hundreds of companies. A few years later, VC can not see a corresponding effect, it will not re-invested enterprises will naturally die without blood transfusions.

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