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Ic ML4823IS

2013 years of new EU Standard switch from 2009, the number of 1 million times and IC ML4823IS and 50% of the 6,000 hours of light survival rate, upgrade to 3 million and 70%. industry speculation that the next new national standard should be closer to EU standards, so the more information the new EU standards value.

ML4823IS Suppliers

in the LCD TV onslaught, many manufacturers cut production early next year, led to tight market supply of plasma. Plasma industry in 40-inch TV market price after the defeat to the LCD industry, hoping consumers will turn to 50-inch flavors TV. Rong Chen said, mainland Chinas LED lights the current market turmoil, we need a shuffling process.

ML4823IS Price

LED lamp heat become a focal point. Chen Rong view, the real effective way is to directly enhance the LED light effect, rather than focusing on improvement in the thermal, it is very effective, and ML4823IS Price and no need to. Because the LED with the process improvement, the light efficiency can be every 20 months to double this and similar semiconductor industry Moores Law.

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