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Ic ML6518CS

HT46RU75D-1 specification contains 8K OTP ROM program memory, 160 Byte Data Memory (RAM) ,18-bit Timer and IC ML6518CS and 16-bit Timer, one each, and the other with hardware UART data transmission and Buzzer output. A total of 18 I / O PIN feet, with a wake-up function (Wake Up), one of the legs with an external interrupt Pin function. Built-in LCD drive circuit can drive up to 160 points of LCD Panel. HT46RU75D-1 has a double slope of the internal analog-digital converter (Dual Slope ADC is a widely used type of measurement system ADC, the ADC contains operational amplifiers, voltage follower, integrator and comparator), the can provide up to 4 differential signal input. And provide a boost circuit (Charge Pump) and output 3.3V regulator (Regulator). Noise and low voltage protection, it also provides a watchdog (Watch Dog), and LVD / LVR (Low Voltage Detect / Low Voltage Reset) configuration.

ML6518CS Suppliers

32 interrupt vectors, four priority levels, up to 13 have dedicated interrupt GPIO ; UART, 1 or 2 SPI, I2C ( FM +); with pulse-width modulation / match / capture feature two 16-bit clock and ML6518CS Suppliers and two 32-bit clock ;

ML6518CS Price

As the display industry's well-known brand, the Great Wall last year a series of generous display are all inside and ML6518CS Price and outside the industry to the eyebrows, especially in the wide area, ready to record impressive growth of the Great Wall. At the same time in the product series, the Great Wall also showed large manufacturers unique strategic vision and market distribution capabilities, have launched a grain of steel, grain-ming, shinny, crystal induced four series of products, respectively, according to the different audience groups were subdivided, according to statistics, the Great Wall during the first half of this year sales of own-brand monitor is 2.02 times sales, 06 in the first half, an increase of more than 100%! such growth rates in length and breadth of the brand, the highly competitive display industry in China today, you can good results is unique.

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