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As the initiator of civil GPS Garmin (Jia Ming) Company, the world's first self-aware navigation capability with automatic portable GPS, GPS navigation technology from the first to introduce into the civilian areas of expertise, the time in the next 20 years is the development GPS thousands of patents, number of aspirations to the world's first GPS field, was the first brand the industry as global navigation! and IC MM1038BFF and just released in early September nüvi3790T, more can be said to present the most advanced industrial design and top-level civilian navigation technology together perfectly, and won this year's "German industrial design award red dot" This primacy of honor! addition to the exquisite exterior design, the inherent power of the feature set is admirable, its RDS-TMC real-time traffic function called in the navigation for the finishing touch.

MM1038BFF Suppliers

I saw at the show site, three days ago, carried out from 9:00 to closing date, 3D stereoscopic video exhibition area has been surrounded by large crowds, the industry, stereo enthusiasts and MM1038BFF Suppliers and general spectators filled the stands surrounded . Many viewers and fans is the first time three-dimensional physical contact with the naked eye stereoscopic products, product features at the same time feeling very detailed inquiries related to technical knowledge of staff.

MM1038BFF Price

perception of external signals as an important device, the sensor is the key to intelligent systems. Freescale further, so that intelligent sensor itself, the "brain" part of the function of "decentralization" to "tactile organ." According to Freescales senior vice president and MM1038BFF Price and wireless products and RF, analog and sensor description general manager Tom Deitrich, Freescales Xtrinsic series sensor integrates MCU, memory and power management unit, the sensor itself can do some computing work, not only achieve a more feature rich, and can reduce the work pressure on the host processor.

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