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Ic MM1469

Lei Da wealth of stories, verify the measures in the energy efficiency of the magic. Last year, to help energy-hungry reduce energy consumption, Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision sector organizations, technical institutions, universities and IC MM1469 and key enterprises composed of hundreds of energy control "expert database." The end of April, the group will complete the provinces 68 key energy consumption enterprises, "twinning assistance." Through the "Anatomy of a sparrow" way to help a number of enterprises to realize the "Eleventh Five-Year" Jiangsu yuan GDP energy consumption decreased by 20% target. Last year, the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Changzhou first choice for the typical in a steel company to set up investigation teams stationed in business, research for 2 and a half months, and finally draw the energy map and list of major energy-consuming equipment, the company obtained in 1366 at least to the point for energy measurement. After experts "pulse" of the steel companies can save money year nearly 1,100 million! (Xinhua Daily Tang Yue )

MM1469 Suppliers

In 2006, SMIC plans to build a 12-inch wafer Wuhan fab. SMIC, the project does not require pre-investment, cooperation in financing to hire, which includes land, plant, production line equipment and MM1469 Suppliers and other inputs by the Wuhan municipal government spending, and then leased by the SMIC. This model is integrated in the government-led industrial development under the new model.

MM1469 Price

as the world's leading manufacturers of peripherals, the wizard has been working with the excellent and MM1469 Price and user-friendly design has won the recognition of consumers. In the successful launch of Tissot 900BT Bluetooth mouse, the recent Wizard and provides users with an upgrade 905BT, unique creativity and good performance, making it the Bluetooth peripherals camp one of the most expressive of the product, and has a high cost-effective. Recently, I had the honor of Tissot 905BT trial for some time, now brought to share with you some of my feelings.

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