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AVS Working Group calculated that the Secretary-General Mr. Huang Tiejun: It is now common MPEG2 standard is a device, a decoder fee 2.5 U.S. dollars, our country There must be forty million within a decade or more devices. The new standard MPEG4 and IC MM3Z15VT1G and H.264 decoder not only to charge the device, but also the number of programs in accordance with the demand for the fee far more than MPEG2.

MM3Z15VT1G Suppliers

PGA can do more things. PGA buffer from the previous level (usually a multiplexer) ADCs input, to prevent the multiplexer on-resistance caused by the load. PGA also provides single-ended differential conversion, respectively, most of the track and MM3Z15VT1G Suppliers and maintain the type of ADC requires a single input. PGA is connected to the differential output multiplexer, PGA provides common mode rejection.

MM3Z15VT1G Price

Reported that the "U Disk China Festival" from last weekend (January 21) opened the last two weeks, during which period there will be a number of promotions announced. We will continue to focus on specific details.

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