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CEVA Mobile-Media Series are designed around a single DSP core without requiring any accelerators or dedicated engines for video processing, and IC MM74HC14MX and with advanced development tools support. These two factors can greatly simplify the software development process, and to reduce development time for multimedia products to a minimum. In addition, Mobile-Media solution is the core of the common open DSP cores, so that designers can integrate the same solution in addition to video in addition to functionality. For example, audio, voice, Bluetooth, GPS, cellular baseband functionality or any need for signal processing algorithms are able to use proprietary DSP core engine, thereby reducing costs and adding video capabilities with product differentiation.

MM74HC14MX Suppliers

CEVA, vice president of corporate marketing, said Eran Briman: "support for RealVideo 8/9/10 and MM74HC14MX Suppliers and VC-1 video standard for the always connected portable consumer electronic products is critical. The standard codecs added to strengthen our multimedia product line, particularly on RealVideo support the high demand market in China. in the existing Mobile-Media based on the development of silicon products RealVideo demo only 4 person-months of work required, from simple C code to compile and optimize the deployment of a number of start can be. The results fully demonstrate the Mobile-Media platform for ease of development and with the advantage of true multi-standard features that can support every existing and future A video codec ."

MM74HC14MX Price

CEVAs full software type programmable mobile multimedia solutions offer significant advantages over other claims to have more flexibility in the competitive standard of dedicated video engines. Engine needs a lot of other video hardware configuration, and MM74HC14MX Price and accelerator-specific instruction set to support the customers custom silicon product requirements specified in the various video codecs, so when the new standards increase each time you need for costly modifications to re-tape . However, the use of widely adopted by the CEVA-X DSP core and CEVA-XS subsystem, the existing silicon chip just a simple firmware upgrade, MM2000 can support any existing and future video codec, thus greatly reducing time to market and eliminate the risks associated with re-tape and cost.

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