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From Shenzhen Julong Photoelectric Co., Ltd. (the "Parc Royale"), domestic investment in the first sixth-generation LCD production line, developed at the start this year, is now located in the industrial zone of Shenzhen, Xili Liuxiandong, feasibility study report is preparing to report for approval. Yesterday, Chang Moon-wah, Secretary of the Board Julong In an interview with "Business News" interview, disclosed that Julong launched the sixth generation of this line will mainly produce 32-inch, 37-inch LCD TV screen, the design production capacity of about 700 million pieces / year 2008 is expected to supply products to the market. Earlier this year, the domestic color TV four giant TCL, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong to enter the upper hand in the LCD panel the first time, they have a background of the Shenzhen Municipal Governments "deep super-company" jointly set up a "Parc Royale." In late April, the only one with TFT-LCD (liquid crystal display) core technology and IC MM74HC244WMX and independent intellectual property rights of enterprises - BOE to increase their investment in the way of officially joined the Parc Royale, effectively promoting the progress of the project. Chi Mei settled in Foshan with the previous project, located in Guangzhou, LG-Philips project is different is the sixth generation of this line of Parc Royale is the first building of the sixth generation TFT-LCD "whole process" production line, rather than simply module factory. However, as technology investment side of the BOE Parc Royale, previously only built in Beijing, a fifth-generation line. Some people doubt whether Julong off across the technology. In this regard, Zhang Man-hua told reporters that the current Five BOE line has been successful in mass production of the 20.1-inch and 26 inch LCD TV screen, this sixth-generation line to build the technical basis. Also, several TV industry Julong shareholders believe that the next few years 32-inch, 37 inch LCD TV will become a mainstream product, so the final decision Julong launched the sixth generation TFT-LCD line. Investment and construction of a sixth-generation line of more than 20 billion dollars needed huge amounts of money. ZHANG Man-Hua told reporters, Parc Royale is to the bank, shareholders, and other aspects of the Government to raise funds.

MM74HC244WMX Suppliers

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MM74HC244WMX Price

3G business as a pilot city, Guangzhou city of TD equipment recently arrived and MM74HC244WMX Price and has been fully installed, the ongoing post-network optimization. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Professor Overtapped said that the Canton TD-SCDMA (China-made 3G standard, called TD) trial network has been built more than 2100 base stations covering the whole city. Relevant sources, the overall completion of the national progress of TD trial network has more than 80%, TD business into the final sprint, a conservative estimate for next years January commercial scale.

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